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Charleston SC DUI Defense for College Students

Charleston DUI Attorney

The college environment often involves copious drinking in off hours, hence a reputation for wild behavior. They are often "profiled" by police, etc., as easy targets for arrest.

The typical charges are nominal, can can impact a student’s future. Parents often encourage their children to take responsibility and when the penalty seems small, will encourage the same behavior in a criminal setting. This is a MISTAKE!

"Where no defense is offered, no real leeway is given. Charleston criminal defense attorney Tim Amey has handled thousands of criminal cases in his career and a great many involve students.

With no parental support and no idea how the world works, students wander into court and sign away their future. Parents need to make their children aware that illegal behavior is never acceptable, but trying to manage the situation without help is even worse."

Protecting the rights of your children in college, protects them from future impediments to their careers.

Tim Amey will aggressively represent college students to avoid lasting blemishes on their records.

Alcohol is a common factor where college students find themselves in trouble. "Minor in Possession", "Public Drunkennes"s, "Drinking in Public", "Possession of false identification" and even "Drinking and Driving" or  DUI can be the unexpected results of a night of partying.  Whether it’s a "frat kegger", being caught, under age, in an establishment that serves liquor, or a dorm room party gone bad, rebellious college students always seem to find a way to break rules.  When they do, getting representation by an experienced attorney can lessen the burdens of their momentary indescretion.

Drug Charges are, unfortunately a fairly common demon encountered at the college level. A legally untrained individual is an easy mark for an experienced prosecutor! Call Charleston SC criminal defense lawyer Tim Amey and receive a free consultation.