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Charleston DUI lawyer, Tim Amey

Charleston DUI Lawyer / N. Charleston Criminal Defense Attorney

Tim Amey Attorney At Law
skilled, aggressive DUI representation. Tim is on call 24 HOURS A DAY!

Have You Been Arrested On a DUI Charge?

DUI arrests carry serious consequences and require the aid of a trial attorney with DUI case experience for the specific laws of Charleston, SC to insure your best defense.

Have you suffered injury because of another's negligence?


Don't wait, the sooner you take action the better your chances for your defense. There is a lot at stake with a DUI charge. Let Tim Amey's experience prosecuting DUI's work for your defense. Charleston DUI Attorney Charleston DUI Attorney
Charleston DUI Lawyer
As City Prosecutor for the City of North Charleston...
Tim handled a large number of DUI & criminal cases. Tim is a trial lawyer, meaning he is at his best in a courtroom and a jury. Tim excels at DUI cases but is also experienced with personal injury, and auto accident cases, often related to a DUI incident.
Tim Amey is an aggressive, dedicated Charleston DUI Lawyer...
...with a wealth of personal knowledge and experience in DUI cases and subsequent charges. Tim is a local and grew up on James Island. Tim comes from a from a family of lawyers, including three acting Judges in the Charleston area.
Tim graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law... 2006 and returned home and began his career in North Charleston as a Deputy City Attorney. After three years, Tim became City Prosecutor and remained in office for three more years. He then opened up a private practice, specializing in DUI cases.
Tim started out on Civil Litigation...
...working to defend the City Charleston. He also represented, as council, committees like the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, Public Safety and Housing in addition to advising City Council and its smaller sub committees at city meetings
Tim is uniquely suited to win DUI case!
Tim Amey is uniquely suited to be a DUI defense attorney, as he was previously quite good at prosecuting DUI cases for the city of North Charleston.

Charleston DUI Lawyer

Tim Amey Charleston DUI lawyer / Defense Attorney

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If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, time is of the essence to preserve your driving privileges.

Contact Tim Amey, night or day, 24/7 to assess your case and get an experienced Charleston DUI Lawyer on your side!
Attorney Profile:
As City Prosecutor for the City of North Charleston, Tim handled thousands of criminal cases.

Never afraid to try a case to a jury, he has successfully tried everything from DUI and Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) to a simple speeding ticket.

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